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MediaMorphosis US is a leading advertising & communications agency. We specialize in multicultural marketing.

MediaMorphosis was originally founded in 2007 as an advertising agency targeting South Asian populations here in the U.S. As our clients grew in size so did our capabilities and our team.

Now we tailor campaigns for an increasingly diverse array of ethnic groups in North America and abroad. In so doing, we have grown our clients and our agency into multinational players. We are now rated a “Top 10” Asian American advertising agency (Advertising Age), for the last four years running.

Our client roster includes all kinds of brands: small, medium and Fortune 500. We have offices in New York, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and the Middle East.

Evolving to meet our changing industry and client needs, we recently developed a proprietary, industry-leading advertising technology platform that enables pinpoint targeting among unique ethnic populations online. We also offer state-of-the-art multimedia and video production capabilities, web development and more. These unique capabilities make all the difference for our clients.

Still, we thrive in exactly the same places where we started out: Giving a voice to great brands across cultural boundaries. Because we know what positioning and messaging will work for the ethnic communities we serve. And most importantly, which marketing channels will connect most efficiently. From social to mobile, digital to print, and focus groups to street fairs. It’s our objective to have the tools to ensure our clients continue to grow and us grow with them.

MediaMorphosis has experience and a track record of integrating the industry’s most effective techniques to obtain exceptional results:

    • Advertising

    • Public Relations

    • Sponsorship Facilitation

    • Ground Marketing

    • Interactive campaigns

    • Collateral Materials
    • Cross Promotion

    • Event Marketing

    • Viral Marketing & WOM

    • Co-marketing efforts

    • Direct Mail

    • In House Production
    • Direct Response

    • Database Targeting

    • New media innovation

    • Sampling efforts

Director Strategic Marketing & Development

Daniel is a strategic marketing expert with experience working on multiple ethnic diasporas that cover all 5 continents.

Daniel is a strategic marketing pro with expertise reaching multiple ethnic audiences spanning all 5 continents. He has worked closely with Asian and South Asian markets in North America and abroad.

He is an instrumental force educating Fortune 500 companies about the unique and specialized methods available for targeting multicultural groups. He is a tireless facilitator, more than capable of providing clients with direction and strategic adjustments at the granular level.

Daniel has led execution on projects as varied as large-scale media campaigns and niche community involvement. He has a unique ability to transform high-level branding and marketing concepts into successful campaigns, online and on the streets of a neighborhood near you. He has been indispensable to the development and growth of Ethnic Online Network and countless client campaigns (broadcast, digital, events, and more).


Founder & Director of Media Services

A leading authority on South Asian markets in North America, Pinky is often the first point of contact, and the guiding light, for our clients. Look to Pinky for advice about tapping a variety of ethnic populations. Pinky is a topflight media buyer and negotiator. As such, Pinky has been essential to cultivating MediaMorphosis’ operational excellence in addition to training our entire media buying team.

Pinky is known within the multicultural marketing world for facilitating the successful launch of mainstream financial, insurance and telecommunications companies in new target audiences.

A native of Kolkata, Pinky attended Calcutta University.


Founder & Chairman

A pioneer of multicultural marketing, Adris is credited for establishing a number of industry best practices for tailoring marketing campaigns and strategies for Asian American populations.

An instrumental force in advertising, marketing and entertainment, Adris has facilitated the launch of many South Asian brands in North American markets – including the launch of multiple foreign language television networks in the U.S., Canada, and U.K.

Since establishing his leadership position in the multicultural marketing and entertainment marketplaces, Adris has been quietly building his third legacy in the technology space. Having developed a proprietary new platform for multicultural media buying, Adris’ Ethnic Online Network is the leading ad tech of its kind. Adris is also active in the app space, tackling some of life’s biggest challenges with innovative app technologies

Adris has a Masters of Economics from University of Calcutta.