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Multicultural Marketing That Works

How Can a South Asian Advertising Agency help you!

What approach does a South Asian Advertising Agency follow? Which audience & market does it target? The community of people from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar origins compiles the South Asian market. This community is regarded as a rich, well educated and marketable ethnic group. Many advertising agencies are getting inclined towards this community and market as it can easily enhance your business reach and profitability. It depends upon the various agencies, how they can tap the target audience and dish out cost effective, satisfactory and ethnically cultured solutions to these markets. The main motive of these agencies is to deliver thought based strategies backed by astute media solutions. Along with this market, the agencies also focus on the Middle Eastern and Asian American demographics in North America. The main job of these agencies is to recognize the strength of this increasingly diversified community. The creative team of these firms comprises of a talented blend of designers, writers, and project managers all committed to the singular goal of producing results for the clients from these communities. Let us look at some facts that a South Asian Advertising Agency focuses on

  • The median family income for South Asians in 2007 was $92,925 compared to median income for entire US at $48,451
  • Over $90 Billion disposable income

  • Grew by 125% from 1980 to 1990
  • Grew by 106% from 1990 to 2000
  • Grew by 38%, almost 15 times the national growth rate, between 2000-2005
  • Expected to maintain the growth from 2005 to 2010

A South Asian Advertising Agency has an expertise in providing the clients with innovative marketing tools, out of the box marketing strategies and detailed media plans to enhance the reach to the target audience in the community along with successful conversions for better profitability.

The major proficiencies of these agencies are as follows
  • Full service agency to strategize and plan media projects based on the cultural insights of the target audience.
  • Experience, expert team and bifurcated avenues to serve nationwide campaigns.
  • Creating an ROI-focused media and marketing plan to build penetration into the South Asian market, using multi-leveled, multi-pronged approach.

The Services include
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ground Events Management
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Multicultural Digital Marketing
  • Radio, TV & Print Advertising
  • Creative Development

MediaMorphosisinc is one of the leading full service agencies that specialize in multicultural marketing with immense focus on South Asian Advertising. They specialize in campaign acquisitions & delivering solutions cost effectively.

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