Daniel Ocner

Director Strategic Marketing & Development

Daniel is a strategic marketing expert with experience working on multiple ethnic diasporas that cover all 5 continents.

Daniel is a strategic marketing pro with expertise reaching multiple ethnic audiences spanning all 5 continents. He has worked closely with Asian and South Asian markets in North America and abroad.

He is an instrumental force educating Fortune 500 companies about the unique and specialized methods available for targeting multicultural groups. He is a tireless facilitator, more than capable of providing clients with direction and strategic adjustments at the granular level.

Daniel has led execution on projects as varied as large-scale media campaigns and niche community involvement. He has a unique ability to transform high-level branding and marketing concepts into successful campaigns, online and on the streets of a neighborhood near you. He has been indispensable to the development and growth of Ethnic Online Network and countless client campaigns (broadcast, digital, events, and more).