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Multicultural Marketing That Works

Ethnic Marketing services provided by Asian Indian Internet Agency

Ethnic communities are amongst the wealthiest, educated and evolving communities in the market. Recent statistics indicate that multicultural consumers and customers spend more than the average American across different product groups. The ethnic segment comprises of people from different countries residing in America. The segments include people from Spain, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Eastern Europe and more. The Indian Asian community forms a major chunk of these segments. An Asian Indian internet agency provides their expertise in tapping these markets. Statistics show that Asian Americans make up 5% of the total US population. The total buying power of this community is larger than the GDP of Switzerland. Approx 45% Asian Americans attend cultural festivals and events along with spending the most on food and shopping compared to other segments. These agencies provide the clients with comprehensive marketing and advertising services to target the ethnic markets.

The ethnic services provided by an Asian Indian internet agency have its own pros and cons. The main advantage of these agencies is that it is managed by a multicultural team with multilingual capabilities. Thus they can effectively help the clients and the brands to communicate with the ethnic communities. The creative teams in these agencies understand that normal advertising techniques miss out on the historical, cultural, demographic and contextual elements in regards to the ethnic markets. They plan media strategies by applying multicultural emphasis on these segments to churn out result oriented solutions. These agencies offer services with a wide range of media outreach across several platforms like:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Online

Online services provided by an Asian Indian internet agency include Media Planning & Buying, Grassroot Marketing, Creative, E-mail Marketing, Market Research, Event Management, Social Media Marketing and much more. Most of the brands don’t have a multicultural team in place. These agencies have an amalgamated management from different culture and places. They come in very handy in regards to writing copy, slogans in foreign languages. This helps in conveying the essence of the advertising message as the ethnic segment can relate to a brand in a better way. These agencies also provide translation services for the brands. An Asian Indian internet agency focuses on the differences in socio-economic, region and country of origin to gauge how the segments respond to the marketing messages.

Media Morphosis is a full-service multicultural marketing and advertising agency specializing in marketing to Asian American consumers (including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino and South Asian). It has an in-depth and extensive experience of marketing across a broad range of consumer products and services for numerous clients.

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