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Integrated Communications Services provided by a Polish Advertising Agency

Majority agencies are now looking to be an integrated full service advertising agency. The main competencies of these agencies lay in solving the main queries of the clients like how much should be invested in the process of advertising? What should be the real campaign objectives? Should we advertise during sales peaks, or when the media charges are cheap? Now many agencies also focus on tapping certain markets and segments. Likewise a Polish advertising agency specializes in targeting the Polish market. The expertise of a Polish agency lays in optimizing either a short and intensive or a light and continuous campaign. These agencies specialize in designing innovative campaigns to target the potential customers from these markets. Along with strategic consultancy, these agencies also provide integrated communications services to the clients. The in-house teams of these agencies have the capability of running campaigns for all sorts of clients and even the most complex list of objectives in Poland.

These agencies specialize in planning and buying campaigns throughout various media channels. They are known to plan campaigns across both online and offline channels. Almost every reputed Polish advertising agency can boast of an ample amount of practical experience in all new age and traditional media channels like Television, Press, Radio, Outdoor etc. They deliver these campaigns by working in tandem with the other partners in a media neural way along with maintaining high standard delivery. Form without function is never considered effective. So before any website or art project gets designed or copy gets written, the creative experts at a well reputed Polish advertising agency gives a lot of thought to deliver an effective campaign. They are known to align their in-house User Experience teams with the Creative teams. These agencies believe in the philosophy that two is always better than one. Amalgamations of two things always churn out better results.

The work environment of these agencies ensures a creation of an online environment that is equal parts usability, usefulness and desirability. These agencies also make sure that strategy is informative about the core design so that business, partner and user goals are aligned. And that all intended target audiences are served well. The planning services offered by these agencies include Persona advocacy, Creative brief development, field development, brand programs and Planning.

The main services offered by these agencies include

  • Mailing
  • Video Streaming
  • Social
  • Display
  • SEM & SEO

  • Spot Campaigns
  • VOD
  • YouTube
  • Product Placement
  • PR Non-Standard

  • Spot Campaigns
  • Sponsoring Competitions

  • Traditional Space Ads
  • Advertorials – PR

  • Ambient – Transit
  • Big Formats – Billboards

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