Middle Eastern Advertising is surely redefining Innovation & Creativity

The simple yet creative idea of successful brand building is in the creation of concept that has multiple convincing points with the customer, and how profitably it delivers on these in tandem with conveying the marketing message and the brand promise. Brand building helps a lot in regards to creating trust between customer, society and the brand. Middle Eastern advertising has come a long way since its inception. Recently, it has been delivering one of the most creative ads and campaigns for top-notch clients. So what makes this segment so interesting? Let us discuss about the uniqueness of it.

This vertical of marketing depends a lot on the language and the culture of the Middle East. It practically defines the identity of the group. Arabic is spoken by the majority population. However, it does not mean one needs to roll out campaigns focused only on Arabic. Many agencies have been dishing out mind-blowing campaigns in English that have been connecting with the target audience instantly. Language won’t play a barrier if one understands the culture properly. You cannot assume that the potential clients will react to your campaigns in the same way as the westerners do. Middle Easterners come from a very unique cultural background.

The other things that should be kept in mind in regards to Middle Eastern advertising are the ad creative and peak timings. Once you understand the culture properly, you can mould the ad campaigns in any language along with conveying the marketing message. You need to be very choosy in selection of fonts. The other thing is tapping the peak timings. Many marketers fail to identify with the fact. The Middle East follows a relatively late sleeping schedule. The best time to roll out new campaigns is the month of Ramadan. Majority Arabs are awake throughout the night in the month of Ramadan. This can help you reach the target audience & allow you to run ads effectively as early as 3-4 in the morning. The Coca-Cola Ramadan ad from 2013 would serve as the best example.

The ad was perfectly placed to capture the target audience along with conveying the importance of the occasion when people from different backgrounds come together to have breakfast. It can be regarded as one of the best Middle Eastern advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola was successful in striking an emotional chord with the Arabic families by showing all the good things about Ramadan. It was completely focused on family, friends, food and togetherness. The product was sensibly placed as the centerpiece for all the occasions of the holiday. This segment will continue to grow over the coming months if they continue to dish out innovation and creativity like these.

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