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Multicultural Marketing That Works

Reasons why Ethnic Advertising specialization will continue to matter

Advertising and marketing agencies are now placing special emphasis on tapping the multicultural markets. Big players in the industry have realized that the ethnic advertising scenario is not the same as it was a decade ago. Now there is a lot on offer for the multicultural market. This is market rich in culture, opportunity and brand reach. The target audience for this market is highly receptive to marketing & advertising in their own language. The key lies in amalgamating all nuances of ethnic media under one roof to provide a comprehensive media mix. Many agencies are now focusing on the sector by using their skills via coherent multicultural communications. Ethnic or multicultural marketing can be defined as a particular type of marketing that caters to those in a specific nationality or ethnic group. Generally ad campaigns are produced in that particular group’s native language and with other features that are specific to the targeted group. Let us discuss four main reasons that signify that ethnic advertising is here to stay & evolve.

One can’t just bank on mainstream media to target a wide audience for enhancing brand reach. In process of sending promotional messages through mainstream media, advertisers miss out on large sectors and communities of people who do not relate to it or do not understand the same language. They fail to target a wider picture with different mentalities and lingual characteristics. There are many places where the ethnic segment consists of a wide chunk of the total population. Surveys show that this segment will continue to rise to over 45% in the next decade

The multicultural segment is not an old one. This segment also consists of newcomers whose consumer habits are mostly “blank page” in various aspects. These newcomers can prove to be a perfect target to convince them about a certain product or service. Promotional techniques and messages can be more effective if they are shown or scribbled in the language and in respect to the cultural mentality of the targeted segment. Ethnic advertising is also a very cost effective process. In short, multicultural advertising is here to stay; it is already common in multicultural countries such as the USA, UK, Israel, Australia and France. The ever evolving sub-cultures in various countries make it obvious that ethnic marketing & advertising will become the next big trend in the advertising industry.

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