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Russian American Advertising Agency – Demographics & Services

Russian American segment is not the one to be ignored. It is described as one of the most affluent & rich ethnic communities. The US Census board had stated that the Russian American community consists of roughly 3-4 million people. Online marketers and advertisers need to tap these ethnic communities to sell their products and services. Ethnic advertising agencies must come up with innovative strategies to strike a chord with the Russian speaking communities. Churning out comprehensive strategies to build conversation between Russian audience and American entrepreneurs can result in enhanced profits. A Russian American advertising agency can provide you a full spectrum of media advertising services to tap these ethnic segments. Here, take a look at some demographics in regards to this ethnic segment.

This community’s geographical distribution is:

  • NY Tri-State Area – 24%
  • California – 16%
  • Illinois – 16%
  • Pennsylvania – 10%
  • Massachusetts – 8%
  • Florida – 7%
  • DC and Maryland – 3%

As I mentioned before, this rich community is synonymous to huge buying force. Statistics show that their income exceeds the national averages. 85-90 percent of this segment is above the age of 25. The median age is 32 years. The median household income is approx $36,000.

The growing trend suggests a need of specially designed and targeted marketing strategies to tap into these markets. A Russian American advertising agency can provide you with that cutting-edge to connect with this community. They can prove to be a highly motivated and a brand new customer base for you. Majority of the community has been living the US for many years. They are pretty fluent in English. But if you want to strike a perfect chord with these audiences and turn them into your customers, you need to send across your advertising message in the native Russian language. These agencies have the direct access to the best media channels to deliver a customized advertising campaign for you. For an example, you can hear the Russian Radio at 1470 AM throughout the Boston suburbs. The show consists of local & international news along with travel and sports reports. This radio show is targeted towards some 120000 Massachusetts residents that speak Russian.

Media Morphosis is full service digital agency that specializes in ethnic advertising. If you want to enhance your brand reach & avail services of a Russian American advertising agency, the team of experts at Media Morphosis can deliver the goods effectively.

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