FlowNote: Collaboration Tool for Web Design and Development

What is FlowNote?

FlowNote is a web app that lets you leave comments in the form of markers on the UI of live websites. This allows design, development, and marketing teams to communicate internally as well as get contextual feedback from clients regarding the design and copy of a website they’re building, directly on the interface.

The Problem

In our extensive experience with website projects, we’ve identified significant communication inefficiencies. These arise during feedback cycles among designers, developers, and clients. Typically, screenshots of the website interface are shared through lengthy, disorganized email chains and Slack channels.

Our Solution

We wanted to save us and our clients time during these feedback loops, so we designed a tool that allows for communication directly within the website by leaving contextual comments as little markers anywhere on the UI. Check out FlowNote live.

Building a Unique Functionality

Building the commenting feature and allowing seamless placement of comment markers directly on websites is a unique functionality that is quite complex to develop. Our developers used a Next. js-based tech stack to build this project and managed to find a solution for this problem.

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