3 Reasons To Integrate Localization In A Multicultural Marketing Strategy

The United States Of America has become a melting pot for a plethora of ethnic groups and cultures and as the years pass by, the numbers will keep increasing. Since we are currently living in a digital age, it is quite obvious that we must always curate and strategize campaigns that cater to our multicultural audiences. Not only the multicultural audience but also the face of America is evolving. Consumers and target audiences expect full-fledged customized campaigns that are at par with their identity, culture and values. This compels brands to work on tailor-made campaigns that make a genuine difference and impact on the audiences.

As a multicultural marketing agency with a professional experience of over 10 years, we sure know how to appeal to the audience and make them feel seen. Here we are trying to decode the most common practice of the different ways of integrating localization in our marketing campaigns and the reasons behind them that makes them successful –

  • Integrating localization into the audience’s daily routines – Marketing is best targeted when it is not interrupting the schedule of the target audience. Hence the best way to just slip into their lives is by being a part of their daily routines. It could be when a patron is going to work and on their way, they see the advertisement on the public transport or when they are on their phone and they see the advertisement on a social media platform. As marketers, we are already aware of the different pros of entering into the headspace of our target audience at a particular time and place. That is our best leverage, and we truly intend on using that.
  • Using local languages and contexts – The best way to grab the attention of any multicultural audience is to use their language or dialect and paste it onto an advertisement. Not only will it grab their eyeballs, but it will also make them feel a sense of inclusivity as they feel that absolutely at home. Communication is highly subjective and open to interpretation, hence it is quite feasible to misunderstand the context altogether. This is why an ethnic advertising agency like ours is the best bet for brands as the teams at such agencies always have members belonging to different ethnicities and cultures.
  • Using the local channels of mass communication – It is quite natural for people and audiences belonging to different cultures to trust their own cultural multimedia channels of mass communication. Using the mode of print media advertising is a great way to enter multicultural households and hence, become a household name.

The spending capacity of the different ethnicities has increased manifolds in the past few decades as the numbers come down to a whopping $3 trillion in 2020. This amount only seems to get bigger and better, and hence it is vital for brands to shift to multicultural marketing agencies as opposed to the traditional marketing agencies. Ethnic advertising is the future of marketing worldwide and it is not going anywhere in the near future.

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