Why Do American Brands Target the South Asian Community in the US?

There are no two ways about the fact that the concept of marketing is evolving with each passing day. Not only that, every community, some time or the other, becomes the focus for new bands. Top South Asian advertising agencies now focus a lot on the South Asian community to promote their products or services. 

Today we will discuss why American brands target the South Asian community in the USA. If you have ever noticed the commercials, you will be able to see that there is a very clear-cut message that is being conveyed to the South Asian community.

An essential thing that we need to address here is that this trend is quite evident, and hence it requires further inspection. At MediaMorphosis, it is our ultimate aim as the best South Asian marketing company to help you draw a clearer understanding of the same.  

Reasons Behind Focus On South Asian Community By The US Brands

Before we even start this discussion, an essential thing that we have to talk about is that the South Asian community in the USA is simply ecstatic. It is probably one of the largest communities in the USA, and hence the prowess of the same is also quite widespread. Automatically, this will have an impact on the marketing trends as well. Some of the primary reasons behind this are:


  • The Population of the Community


The first and probably one of the most important reasons why most American brands target the South Asian community is because of the sheer size. We have already mentioned that this is probably one of the most exquisite and significant settlements in the USA, which is not native American. Hence when American brands target the South Asian community, it can be very well seen that the marketing reaches many people in one go. This identity growth is significant for any American brand, which is what they target.


  • Cross Cultural Recognition


The following reason American brands target the South Asian community is to get cross-cultural resemblance. So it is almost a given that when you target the South Asian community of the USA, you are mediating between many different communities with very different wavelengths.

 When you can strike a balance in that scenario, it will automatically help your brand grow as well. Also, when the resemblance gets more robust, there is a high probability that this particular segment will also share the brand with native relatives and friends. It will automatically give American brands global viral recognition as well. 


  • The Changing Attitude About the Asian American Community


For a very long period, it was seen that the South Asian American community did not get the right kind of attention as a target group for any product or service. The depiction in the media was so mainstream that for a very long time, this community was not given the due respect that it deserved. However, now that it is pretty evident that the South Asian community is making it to the headlines and changing the fate for themselves and the world, American brands have started to target them for better recognition. 

Suppose you are an ardent follower of the current statistics. In that case, you will understand that the average income of the Asian American community is much more than most other communities. Therefore, it will automatically give them much more impetus to invest in products that are one of a kind and based in the US. 


There are no two ways that most big American brands are for refocusing the target audience. For the last decade, the growth of the South Asian community in America has been promising. As the most promising South Asian advertising agency at MediaMorphosis, we will try to give you the best insight.

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